Media & Marketing

Modern Marketing Campaigns

Since its foundation Zenith Capital Group has been consistently building its position on the media, advertising and modern marketing markets. We publish of our own websites and printed titles. That is the reason why we would like to share with our clients our unique and practical know-how during the implementation of all marketing activities. We offer comprehensive services for marketing budgets. We plan and implement campaigns on TV, on the radio, in the press and online. We create unique advertising content (TV spots, animations, graphic creations).


The media brief is the starting point for planning a media campaign and is one of the most underestimated and useful tools for both the company’s marketing department and the media house. The information we receive about the product, the situation of the company on the market, the target group and the nature of the prepared marketing activities allow us to carry out appropriate research and analysis, which results in a strategy for selecting communication channels. The more detailed and precise the preparations are, the better the possibilities for optimising media activities.

Selection of the target group

Identifying the target group has a major impact on the nature of the campaign. Knowing the preferences and size of the group allows you to reach it with a precise advertising message. During the cooperation with our clients we define the socio-demographic characteristics of the target group, taking into account such elements as lifestyle, preferences and brand loyalty. All this allows you to build the right media planning model to cover all possible channels of communication with a potential customer. Our innovative approach and unique mechanisms allow our clients to dynamically build a competitive advantage in the market.

Media market analysis

To choose the right media, it is necessary to get to know the preferences of the target group. We need to perform a detailed analysis of the media market (level of press readership, radio listenership, TV ratings and Internet traffic on websites). The act of confronting the results of the research with the costs of reaching the target group by means of an advertising message allows us to distribute the budget in the most effective way. The best solution for each product or service will be the advertising medium that will reach the target group the most effectively and at the lowest cost possible.

Media plan

After we collect all the information, client accepts the media strategy and we create a media plan. Media plan precisely defines the campaign strategy, advertising formats, emission time, costs, deadlines for delivering materials to the media, campaign parameters, and all the necessary information to carry out an effective campaign. Our experience and the accumulated budgets of our clients give us the strength and capabilities to negotiate. This allows us to offer beneficial cooperation terms.

Media buy

Once the media plan has been approved, we book and buy the approved advertising space. This action is performed in accordance with the previous arrangements made at the planning stage and it is executed on the basis of an approved media plan. An ongoing monitoring of the campaign and its optimization throughout the campaign allows us to achieve the best results of our advertising activities.

Post-buy analysis (after purchase)

When the campaign is over, we measure its effects and compare the results with the assumed goals. We assess the media choice and their effectiveness. The results of the analysis provide valuable information that should be taken into account when planning the next campaign flights.

Zenith Capital Group offers support in the following areas

Advertising and marketing

We cooperate with our clients to create the best marketing strategy to grow the business, increase sales and reach customers, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

Video and animation

Did you know that after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a given product? In order to meet your expectations related to this data, we take care of professional planning, making storyboards, recording and producing video projects.

Online stores and e-commerce

We provide comprehensive services related to the advertising of products in the online world by creating a landing page and using all modern sales models to effectively sell the customer’s product.

Web design and mobile

We create responsive websites and applications in accordance with the highest standards and the latest technological advances, which meet the expectations of the modern market.