E-mail marketing


By choosing e-mail marketing services, our Clients can be sure that all the communication with their customers is managed efficiently and effectively. This form of Internet advertising allows not only to increase sales, but also to develop consumer loyalty and build long-term relationships with the consumer. We always start by setting goal, preparing e-mail marketing campaign strategies and selecting the right tools. We offer:

  • sales mailings
  • lead mailings
  • image mailings
  • effective newsletters


We save our Clients’ time by managing e-mail databases and optimizing mass mailing communication in order to achieve the highest efficiency possible with regard to deliveries. The tools we use allow us to handle and send content, but also to obtain information on the effectiveness of the applied actions. While executing campaigns we work on:

  • designing and preparing mailing creations
  • management and segmentation of recipients’ databases
  • expansion of mailing databases
  • ttests and studies (tests A/B)