Media audit

Our offer

Information is power. We provide information so that YOU can make the best decisions for your business. Media Audit is a comprehensive report prepared for a specific purpose. After aggregating and analysing the data, we send a report with a recommendation for further action.

  • Audit of Brand web presence
  • Audit of competitive brands
  • Sales audits
  • Audits of online stores for partnership cooperation


Internet research is done by media monitoring specialists. We use both external tools and proprietary solutions to collect data. Our experts in various fields of Internet marketing prepare the final report.
Brands’ activity in search engines

  • Presence in Social Media
  • Campaigns in Advertising Networks
  • Online stores and portals activity
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Media Buy

We prepare a different advertising campaign strategy for each Client. We work with multiple platforms and services, therefore, we can provide you with the best placements and significantly lower the cost of your campaign.

  • E-commerce campaigns
  • Image and brand campaigns
  • Dedicated campaigns
  • Cross-media campaigns
  • Lead campaigns
  • Execution
  • Developing a good media plan requires experience
  • Our specialists know how to plan and optimise campaigns to make them effective
  • We work on different models of settlement – CPM, CPC, CPS
  • We cooperate with Allegro, price comparison engines and online stores
  • WeWe cooperate with advertising networks