About us

Zenith Capital Group has been successfully operating for many years in the areas of: finance (a wide range of financing for business); investments (cooperation, development, and acquisitions of companies offering innovative solutions for various fields of operation); real estate (securitization of bank liability); creative sectors: marketing, PR, media (development of marketing strategies/brand strategies, comprehensive service of advertising campaigns), is also a publisher of websites and printed titles.

Zenith Capital Group owes its success and dynamic development of vision, which from the very beginning guided its creators, building the company on the foundation of universal values and cooperation with reliable business partners.

This is primarily due to values such as: honesty, mutual respect, and constant search for new, innovative solutions, for years Customers and Investors have been bestowing us their trust, which allows us to co-create with them the next innovative products and to develop effective business solutions.

Each project means a personal approach for Zenith Capital Group, the highest quality, full commitment, and competence dedicated to Team projects.

From the beginning, there is also a need to help others, in the company’s DNA, which Zenith Capital Group implements through its Zenith Foundation, which helps in both Poland and around the world.