Programmatic campaigns


The idea of programmatic campaigns is to buy a user. It is a targeted behavioural advertising which accurately reaches the target audience at the right time and place thanks to Data Driven technology.

Programmatic campaigns are a way to build brand visibility and recognition. Animated display and video ads ensure that the you reach a wide audience and achieve the intended reach levels.

The creations are tailored to the user’s interests, place of display, day of the week, etc., so that they are more effective than traditional outdoor or TV campaigns. CPM settlements, on the other hand, allow for precise control over costs and the efficiency of our activities.


We use DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) from Google DoubleClick Studio. As a result, we can to guarantee the visibility of advertisements in more than 80 worldwide advertising networks.

  • a highly effective anti-fraud system that excludes bot traffic
  • Viewability Targeting ensures a very high visibility of advertisements
  • Brand Safety verifies the content and category of pages in order to prevent the display of brand ads in inappropriate places
  • integration with other Google services (e.g. Google Adwords, Google Analytics, YouTube) and direct data transfer
  • collecting data for targeting advertisements from all services offered by Google (e.g. Google search engine, Google Play, Gmail, mobile operating system – Android)


Our Programmatic specialists are people with years of experience in the implementation of paid campaigns. They are able to develop the most demanding strategy of advertising targeting in order to achieve the goal of an advertising campaign in 110% just by using the power of data and technology.
Advertising targeting is based on data gathered from billions of real users, taking into account:

  • shopping habits
  • browsing habits
  • hobbies
  • demographic data
  • geographical locations